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Window Cleaning

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We all want spotless windows, as they not only make our homes and businesses feel bigger and more airy, but it also helps both visitors and clients make a strong first impression. But few of us have the time or energy to scrub our home or shop windows on our own regularly.

We take the washing off your hands. We know it can be a boring, exhausted job to clean the glass. It not only gives you your time back for professional window cleaning, but it also ensures a home or business that looks better than ever!

We provide HDBs, condos, bungalows and commercial units skilled window cleaning services at affordable rates. We understand the value of bringing clean windows to your home or house. That’s why to avoid those stains and smears, City Cleaning is here. All year round, bright and sparkling clean glass.

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Our Window Cleaning Services

Our facilities include a first wash to get rid of your windows of thick grime, grease and other dirt.

After that we will start to clear your windows using top-quality cleaning products which are specially formulated so that your windows may enjoy stain-free cleaning.On your windows, we then apply a thin coat that prevents rapid re-soiling and creates an anti-condensation effect.

The outcome? A clear, shiny and clean window that helps you, your employees and customers to enjoy looking out clearly.

Our Cleaning Process

Our window cleaning services include window cleaning, power washing, glass washing & cleaning, and cleaning of office glass. Cleaning of office glass involves cleaning of sliding glass doors (e.g. reception area), internal glass partitions (meeting rooms), mirrors and reflective surfaces, glazed walking stairs and corridors and shop fronts and glazed retail display areas.

In addition to cleaning the interior and exterior of the windows, our window cleaning process includes brush off the doors, frame, and wet wipe the window sills.

  • Expert washing of your windows and glass doors (inside and outside)
  • PVC frames and sills are polished clean
  • Fly screens can be washed upon request

Kindly note that window and door tracks can be cleaned at additional fees.

Window Cleaning Tools and Detergents

To wash indoor windows, we use professional ammonia-free glass cleaning agents. To ensure optimum window cleaning, scratchless window scrapers, squeegees and/or paper towels are also used in the process.

The cleaners will ensure that a sheet or mat protects the floor area and the furniture near the windows for your peace of mind.

Outside windows on the ground floor are typically washed traditionally, as are higher windows on the first or second floor where a ladder can be used.

Our qualified window cleaning team will arrive on request or for exterior windows, positioned as high as the property’s fourth floor, fitted with a water-fed extension pole device that uses purified water. The methodology in the industry is effective and commonly used. Following which, the windows can then be left to dry naturally.

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How Often Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned

Regular maintenance and skilled window cleaning prolong their service life.

There a number of different factors that can be taken into consideration, when it comes to deciding on how frequently you should wash them. Homeowners may benefit from a monthly service to ensure that salt build-ups and weather residuals are swiftly removed in time. Whereas front shop windows near busy roads may need to be cleaned once a week or every other week.

Take advantage of our daily window cleaning service and preserve your property’s presentable and attractive condition at all times. For example, you can book a window cleaner to come home every two months and you will be eligible for our discounted rates.

Regular Window Cleaning

In Singapore, unless there are those with domestic helpers who clean their house every day, including the doors, no one will clean our house window unless it is required like new year festive seasons.  They are washed only once a year by most households.  It not only brightens your home by having a new screen, it also enhances the overall appearance.

If you do not routinely or adequately clean windows, there will be smudges and stains on the window that will make them impossible to clear. Window frame traps dust easily make them unsightly and hard to clean when they’ve been there for years. Factors of the setting makes window cleaning harder:

  • Oxidation
  • Rust
  • Stains
  • Acid rain

Instead of cleaning yourself the window, you might consider hiring professional window cleaning services to make them sparkling clean and save time for other priorities. Our qualified window cleaners provide you with the right products and equipment to wash your windows safely without damaging them.

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Benefits of Having Clean Windows

If you need window cleaning to restore your windows to shine and sparkle, you need City Cleaning’s professional team. With more than a decade of experience, we know exactly what it takes for residential and commercial window cleaning to deliver quality results in Singapore.We work closely with our customers to identify their cleaning needs and provide tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations. We can also assist with gutter cleaning and pressure cleaning as well as being a trusted choice for window cleaning in Singapore.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Not only do you expect them to do an impeccable job when you invite a window cleaner to clean your windows, but you rely on them to be respectful of your home.

You can rest easy with City Cleaning knowing that we will handle properties with care and respect. Our window cleaning system guarantees the highest possible level of cleaning of your doors. Your home is after all a representation of you. And we’re making sure your windows appeal home curb.

When you contact us, we get to know your property and your requirements. That way, your windows are professionally cleaned — and you’re provided with the exceptional service you deserve.

  • Enjoy clear, uninterrupted views of outside your window
  • A personal, tailored set up services every time we clean your windows
  • Take pride in the way your home looks

Commercial Window Cleaning

First impressions are important. On your storefront or office windows, you don’t want dust and smudges. Unkempt windows gives a bad impression of your business to your customers.

We’re making sure this never happens. That’s why businesses trust Singapore’s City Cleaning to display their assets in bright light through transparent windows. Once they arrive at your premises, we help you make a good first impression on your customers.

With years of experience working with local businesses, we have become experts in at making your business shine by making a positive first impression on your customers. Clean windows suggest that you take as much pride in the appearance of your store or office as you do in the quality of service you provide. That’s exactly what our professional and custom-tailored service for the unique cleaning needs of your business intends to achieve.

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