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Office Cleaning

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City Cleaning keeps the office in a competent and timely manner clean and presentable. Book our easy online business office cleaning service in London and take advantage of it. All you need to do is call us and let us know how often you want the cleaning of your office building. It could be daily, weekly, or fortnightly depending on your requirement.

We believe that at City Cleaning, everyone has the right to work in a clean, safe and hygienic environment. It is essential for everyone working in the office to provide a safe, clean, germ-free and high-quality environment. Maximising the workforce’s productivity and efficiency is important; one way to help is to have a well-maintained, dry and efficient office that is highly conducive to work. This effectively provides a friendly, pleasant environment that can have a huge impact on your workers, increasing morale, enhancing performance, maintaining well-being and reducing levels of sickness.

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Our Office Cleaning Services

Our corporate office cleaning service represents a set of comprehensive cleaning and maintenance tasks that focuses on the following:

  • Vacuum cleaning, dusting, mopping
  • Dusting and cleaning of workstation, CPU and keyboard
  • Cleaning of surfaces of cabinets, tables, shelves and other furniture
  • Wipe down and sanitise desk surface items
  • Kitchen cleaning and dishwashing
  • Clean pantry area including the sink
  • Common bathroom and toilet cleaning
  • Clean and disinfect bathroom sink and toilet bowl
  • Interior window cleaning (reachable areas);
  • Floor maintenance
  • Watering the plants (if requested)

Calling the cleaning team at a time when there are no or fewer employees in the office is ideal to ensure that the cleaning process does not disturb your staff. It is also equally important to communicate and task your workforce to ensure that a few things are taken care of before a visit to a cleaning agency, such as keeping valuables and documents under lock and key, disposing of leftover food as soon as it is done, flushing the toilets after use, and so on.

Have a list of daily and weekly tasks to be performed. This allows you to keep track of all of your requirements. Finally, before asking for a formal quotation, get your premises surveyed by the service provider.

Regular Business Office Cleaning

We are a highly experienced office cleaning company in Singapore that offers a range of quality contract office cleaning services. Universal offers many office cleaning services for almost any type of business, whether it’s a small office or a large corporate office setting. On a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule, we guarantee our highest quality office cleaning service.

Our cleaning service for offices can be tailored to suit your unique business needs and the operating hours of your office. Our teams can work at nights, evenings or weekends to ensure that your office is ready and ready to go when you are.

Do not hesitate to book your staff and colleagues regular office housekeeping. City Cleaning is built based on integrity, quality and confidence as a professional cleaning service. We know that a fresh and clean working environment is important. And call our hotline or book us online.

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Other Cleaning Services We Offer for your Office:

In addition to regular office cleaning, we’ve got a couple of other services that you might find useful for your workplace. So give us a call in case you need:

  • Office carpet cleaning If you need professional carpet cleaning – let us know. At your office, we will vacuum the carpeting and it will always look at its best, but by definition, the service does not include high-end steam care. To achieve the best looks for your carpets and rugs, all professional cleaners use professional equipment and modern methods.
  • Office window cleaning On the other hand, we can also help you clean the inside and outside of the windows in your office. To climb as far as the building’s fourth floor, we use a water-fed pole device. For higher floors, we use abseiling equipment to safely clean every window of the building.
  • Office upholstery cleaning Do you have any cleaning sofas, couches or other furnishings? We know what excellent upholstery cleaning is at City Cleaning. We clean dry foam, leather upholstery, and more.

About Our Professional Office Cleaners

Before being hired, all professionals are thoroughly examined and undergo comprehensive training. All cleaning technicians are also insured, and quality control managers are closely following their work to ensure that business cleaning services for corporate customers deliver the best results.

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