Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

  • One-time cleaning for any occasion
  • Eco-friendly detergents and methods upon request
  • Personalised cleaning to-do lists
  • Specialised cleaning services

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A clean home and environment is a lifestyle that is clean and healthy. We would love to help you at City Cleaning to get your personal space clean and orderly so that you have more time for the important things in life.

Our friendly and reliable cleaners can provide a service for people who don’t need regular cleaning. This is known as our service for spring cleaning. This service will help you spruce up your home and get back on track. Our cleaning services are perfect for you if you’re ready to get rid of the blues and start fresh in spring.

The service is not bound by contracts and is available by packages based on your property size and other details.  We also offer cleaning for end of tenancy and post-renovation cleaning services.

Other special occasions such as the arrival of guests or a new baby, a promotion or a family achievement are also good reasons to spring clean. You, however, don’t need to wait for a specific time or opportunity to initiate a spring cleaning for your premises. It just takes a feeling of stagnancy or a need to clear the clutter.

Whip your home or office back into shape with our professional spring cleaning service and create a dust-free, clutter-free environment where you can relax and relax. Whether you’re hosting a special event on your spot or looking to get rid of those winter cobwebs, our team is here to help.

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Our Spring Cleaning Services

Spring cleaning can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Those who are sure to try it on their own have a great mission at hand! The best option is to outsource the whole system to a reputable company that is capable of implementing these projects. Two or more hands are better than one due to the detailed and numerous steps a spring cleaning requires.

City Cleaning has the staff, equipment and willingness to do your spring cleaning work without a hitch. Our spring cleaning system includes the entire house is thoroughly cleaned. Methodical washing of all floors, doors, windows, fans, gates and contents within such as furniture, wiping of cupboards, bathroom amenities, kitchens and even storerooms, basements and attics. In addition to the ritual of cleaning, our staff can also help you pack and dispose of your unwanted or old items that are usual when you tidy up your place before any celebration or event.

For details on our spring cleaning program, please contact our team as soon as possible, especially if you plan to hire us before any particular festival like the Lunar New Year. This will ensure that your reservation is made in time and that your home is ready to welcome its new beginnings.

lamp dusting
refrigerator deep cleaning
oven deep cleaning

Comprehensive Scope Of Cleaning Work

Because spring cleaning includes cleaning areas that are not covered in your daily general cleaning, including house ceiling & higher areas and secret corners, we suggest spring cleaning every 6 months to maintain good hygiene at home.

Living Room


All areas dusted – on top, on front and underneath

Dusting and wiping of surfaces, cabinet exterior, kitchen counter-tops, sinks and taps, dining table and appliances

 Air-con exterior and filters (within reachable height using ladder)

Degrease and clean cooker hood and hob

Window interior, frames and sill (within reachable height using ladder)

Collecting garbage and changing garbage bags

Vacuuming, mopping and cleaning of floor and dust boards.

Washing of floor (*depend on the condition)

Wiping of cabinet interiors and shelves if it’s empty

Wipe interior surface of cabinets if empty

Wipe & clean all ceiling fans and normal light fixtures (within reachable height using ladder)

Deep clean exterior of oven, stove

Fingerprints cleaned from all woodwork, door frames and switch plate

Interior & exterior of Refrigerator2

Hard surface floor vacuumed and mopped

Tiled floor vacuumed and mopped




Air-con exterior and filters (within reachable height using ladder)

Toilet bowls

Window interior, frames and sill (within reachable height)

Cleaning and apply anti-bacteria coating for glass and mirrors, basin and tap

Vacuuming, mopping and cleaning of floor and dust boards.

Ventilation fan surface (within reachable height)

Wipe & clean all ceiling fans and normal light fixtures (within reachable height using ladder)

Racks and drawer exterior

Fingerprints cleaned from all woodwork, door frames and switch plate

Cleaning and clearing of floor and wall tiles including drains

Hard surface floor vacuumed and mopped

Bathtub and shower area

Fingerprints cleaned from all woodwork, door frames and switch plate

Collect garbage and change garbage bags

Hard surface floor vacuumed and mopped

Scrubbing & washing of toilet floors & walls

Additional Services

Sweeping & mopping of balcony

Wiping of glass windows & metal grilles if any.

cooker hood cleaning
ceiling fan cleaning
cabinet interior wiping

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

The advantages of spring cleaning are obvious. Once spring cleaning is done, you’ll have a cleaner & healthier home and for a short period you won’t have to continue cleaning. You will be able to free your mind and not worry about the house! Through spring cleaning, the sterilised atmosphere will reduce the percentage to suffer from any sickness.

Spring cleaning is a large project with a huge payoff. Tell us all of your hard work. Try to spend quality time with your loved ones. Clearing out, making way and cleaning up for a brand new look setting is a perfect time. Junk complicates our lives as hard as it is to admit. You might want to consider donating to charity after clearing your old stuff. Many think spring cleaning can also add the value of your home, no one wants to buy over an unmaintained home.

We provide a highly effective, professional and thorough spring cleaning service. We deliver the best value beyond your expectations. We offer weekly cleaning services, spring cleaning and so on. We are your one-stop home services provider providing carpet cleaningwindow cleaning and others.

Our spring cleaning service usually range between 4-8 hours to complete, this varies depending on the size & the condition of your area. All our cleaners are consistent, efficient, effective and thorough. We DO NOT provide any cleaning materials as we are unsure which chemical will cause health problems to your loved ones. With our reliable and experienced team you can be assured of a cleaner and healthier environment, we strive to provide top quality cleaning services at an affordable price for all.

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