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Move In Cleaning

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It can be exhausting to move places, as it’s not just moving out but you also have to think about moving in. It’s quick to get frustrated thinking about any kind of cleaning with all the packing, arranging, moving and more involved.

Why don’t you relieve the pressure of moving home? Our cleaners are skilled, personally checked and effective in returning their former shine to their homes. It’s not just the cleaning the house you’re moving from, but we can also disinfect the home you’re moving to. Go into your new home in style, ensuring that everything is dry, tidy, and ready to make it your home for you and your family.

This is a one-time cleaning we provide is hourly based. Our Moving In Cleaning Service is a thorough cleaning done prior to your moving in to your new home. Kindly note that this would not include post-renovation cleaning as part of its scope.

Our move out/move in cleaning service is a highly professional service. It helps that we are fully supported by our professionally-trained and experienced home cleaners. Not only will they leave your property sparkling new, but they will also allow you to save time in order to spend it on the more important things in life.

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Move-In Cleaning Service

A great way to start moving out cleaning is to start by packing all your belongings and covering things like furniture as you clean the house. Make a customised checklist so you don’t forget something. If you need to re-paint the house and make a minor fix, you can call a professional to do that.

Our standard moving cleaning includes a detailed checklist of the areas you need to clean up in your home. We can also tailor packages to clean specific areas and ensure that you can enter or vacate your home in a tippy-top condition.

We may arrange a tailor-made cleaning for your home based on your needs or simply schedule a cleaner for several hours to visit your house.

Our moving in cleaning service is extensive and essential if you’re moving to a new place. We can clean:

Scope of cleaning




Clean all light switches

Clean skirting boards

Clean exterior and interior of cabinets (if empty)

Clean and disinfect floor, basin, toilet bowl & fixtures and fittings

Remove all cobwebs

Clean kitchen area including stove & hob, sink, countertops & fittings

Clean glass surfaces including mirrors, doors, shower screens

Clean exterior and interior of wardrobes

Wash and disinfect kitchen sink and basin

This list is by no means restrictive. Speak to any one of our friendly operators and they can tailor make a move out/in cleaning service that caters to your individual requirements.

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kitchen sink washing
mirror wiping

Benefits of Pre Moving Cleaning Service

The main advantage you can get by employing the moving cleaning service is better hygiene. You will probably clean your house before you move in officially. This cleaning step is very important to ensure that your new house is clean and hygienic.

City Cleaning allows you to clean all things inside your new home, including floors, rooms, kitchen, and many other locations within your new home. You don’t have to worry about this cleaning phase once you move into this new property. When you move to this new house, you can see all the clean rooms and furniture.

Many people love this service because they can save time when moving to a new house. You no longer have to worry about cleaning your rooms when you move into your new property. All the cleaning process can be handled by our experienced team. You can save a lot of time on your moving day. That’s why you need to employ this service when you move to another property quickly.

Move day can be an exhausting day for you and your family members. On your day of movement, you may not want your house to be cleaned. Our pre-moving cleaning can make everything clean and clean before you move into your new property.

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