End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

  • Short notice availability
  • Standard checklist approved by agencies
  • No time limits for work to be done
  • Professional deep cleaning

post tenancy cleaning



No matter how well you plan every step on the way, moving can be stressful. Pair that by passing the final inspection on your rental’s cleanliness and you’ve got the recipe for an emotional breakdown. Rushing to pack all in boxes and running out of the door will cause you to lose your bond back.

The end of tenancy cleaning is not hourly based, we determine the estimate of the job by the amount of workload. This will depend on the property size as well as any other additional services required.

We offer a customised cleaning of the bond that will make your property look like on a picture. We’re going to leave the property so clean, your landlord’s going to regret moving out.

The lease cleaning component covers specific areas that are not normally washed. The qualified cleaners know how to handle everything to the norm and will not quit until it looks flawless! We will do our best to ensure that at the end of your lease you can get your bond back.

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Our End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Service

Our end-of-tenancy service includes deep cleaning, which stands for state-of-the-art equipment, high-end detergents and comprehensive know-how. The best end of tenancy cleaning guarantees the most satisfactory quality of the post-rent estate. This is why our lease cleaning company is the top-rated islandwide cleaning service:

  • Professional detergents Eco-friendly & effective detergents provided by leading manufacturers.
  • Specialised dipping tanks We degrease and remove dirt from all removable parts of your oven.
  • Professional attitude Our end of tenancy cleaners guarantee excellent post-lease inventory condition at your rental exit.
kitchen top wiping
bathroom floor scrubbing
refrigerator deep cleaning

Our Cleaning Process

When the bond cleaning team arrives at your house, they must inspect that area to ensure that their checklist contains anything that may need to be cleaned. They will note the places that may need to be extra clean to ensure that everything stays spotless.




Floors will be vacuumed and mopped

All surfaces, appliances and decoration will be dusted

Floors and surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned

Oven will be cleaned inside and out

Carpets and rugs will be vacuumed (steam carpet cleaning and stain removal treatment is available at discounted rates)

Any mirrors and pictures will be wiped

Cooker top, hops, knobs will be wiped clean

Furniture will be cleaned

Window sills and skirting boards will be cleaned

kitchen cupboards are cleaned inside and out

Skirting boards, light switches and window sills will be wiped cleaned

Cobwebs will be removed

Sink area will be scrubbed

Cobwebs will be removed

Wardrobes, cupboards and drawers will be dusted inside and out

All electrical appliances cleaned and sanitised

Internal windows can be washed and blinds dusted


  • Please note that for our cleaners to clean it, your fridge and freezer must be defrosted in advance. The cost will be included in the final price for this.
  • Mattress steam cleaning, cleaning upholstery and curtain cleaning at preferential rates are available.
  • You can opt for our window cleaning service if you are interested in cleaning glass surfaces.





Floors and surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned

Floor will be vacuumed and mopped

Balconies, garages, study rooms and any other extra rooms will be thoroughly cleaned

Any mirrors and pictures will be wiped

Surfaces, banisters and railings will be dusted

Sink and sink cabinet will be cleaned

All fittings, bathroom accessories, taps and fixtures are wiped clean and dried

Typical Property Condition Requirements

We have a couple of property requirements to provide the finest, incomparable bond cleaning service ever:

  • The cleaners come fully trained to provide the service, but unless the property has hot water and electricity, they won’t be able to do much.
  • The land must be completely unfurnished and free of personal property. The professional cleaners have full experience to do the job. The small items, however, may interfere with the system. They can get harmed, not to mention.
  • If during the vacate cleaning you will not be able to be at home, you must ensure that the cleaners have access to the property. You need to arrange who is going to meet them or where they are going to leave the keys.
  • If together with your bond cleaning, you have booked a freezer cleaning, you must turn it off at least 24 hours before the service. The freezer must be defrosted in order to be cleaned by the cleaners.
window frame cleaning
wipe bathroom fittings
kitchen cabinet cleaning

Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Upon completion of the lease cleaning process, the landlord must perform a final property inspection. He must complete the official report on the state of a tenancy. If the property fails to meet the requirements, the security deposit will not be returned. Here are some of the damages you could be liable for:

  • Stains, holes, tears and burn marks on the carpets
  • Scratches and stains on floors
  • Scratches, stains, holes on the countertops
  • Stains, scratches and holes on the walls
  • Stains, scratches, tears or holes in furniture
  • Any other type of damages produced by tenants or your guests

You are not liable for any damage caused by natural factors such as fading and losing paint, walls, floors, wallpapers, furniture or carpets, or for injuries that occur over time.

Please make sure you get your security deposit back. We ensure high-end cleaning detergent and equipment are used by the cleaning teams. They have a good eye for detail that will not cause them to miss any spots.

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