Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

  • Individual customer-orientated service
  • Regular cleaning with the same cleaner
  • Out-of-business-hours cleaning options
  • Special rates for all other specialised services

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Why not concentrate on your business goals and leave professional cleaning maintenance?

City Cleaning allows everyday businesses to keep their premises clean and accommodating in Singapore. Our industrial cleaning methods have been tailor-made to meet your specific needs for a property without disrupting your business. Consign the duty of your workplace maintenance to a dedicated office housekeeping manager for a consistently healthy and presentable work environment.

The service is not bound by contracts and can be customised as you wish. It is hourly based, so you may decide on the required chores to put on your checklist, depending on your specific needs.

Whether you require weekly, quarterly or monthly cleaning assistance, you will receive the same cleaner each time. This will easily familiarise the commercial maid with your clear expectations for cleaning and individual requests for smooth and trouble-free service delivery and better job performance.

Our commercial cleaning expertise is preferred for the following professional and industrial contracting standards:

  • Specially trained, trusted and conscientious staff
  • Fully vetted, interviewed and experienced cleaners
  • Qualified to use high-end equipment and detergents
  • Friendly, adaptable and presentable at all times
  • Responsive to quality control monitoring and feedback
  • Comprehensively instructed in using door entry access control systems

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Commercial Cleaning Services for Various Industries

We boast a diverse client base that comprises enterprises and clients from:

  • public sector
  • food service industries
  • property and hospitality management sector
  • the retail and leisure service market
  • healthcare service providers

Hence, if you require restaurant kitchen cleaning, hotel cleaning, shop cleaning or regular upkeep for your office space, we are here to render our timely assistance.

Scope of Cleaning

Commercial spaces come in all sizes and their structure and purpose vary from each other. It impacts their attitude to maintenance and improvement, of course.

At City Cleaning, we have the experience to customise our corporate cleaning services in a way that takes care of every aspect and specific areas of your premises that require special consideration and attention to detail.

Based on your cleaning checklist, the commercial cleaners can:

  • Vacuum and mop all floor surfaces (It is also possible to use professional hard floor cleaning equipment for large spaces, such as floors in shopping malls)
  • Dust and polish furniture tops, chairs, office equipment, cabinets and displays, windows
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Sanitise toilets and washroom facilities
  • Empty bins and replace bin bags
  • Water plants
  • Wash windows and frames on the inside, if reachable
  • Clean the balcony
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Other commercial cleaning services we offer:

We have a variety of other products in addition to regular office cleaning that you might find useful for your workplace. So call us if you need the following specialised services:

  • Office carpet cleaning We will vacuum the carpeting at your office if you need professional carpet cleaning and it will always look at its best, but the service does not include high-end steam treatment by default. To order to achieve the best looks for your carpets and rugs, all professional cleaners use professional equipment and modern methods.
  • Office window cleaning On the other hand, we can also support you on the interior and outside with the cleanliness of the windows in your office. To reach as high as the building’s fourth floor, we use a water-fed pole system. We use abseiling equipment for higher floors to safely clean every building window.
  • Office upholstery cleaning At City Cleaning, we know what is excellent upholstery cleaning – refreshing your sofas, couches or other furnishings, leather upholstery and more.

About our Professional Commercial Properties Cleaners

Our City Cleaning team will make it easy for you. There are two great ways to ensure clean quality for your office and workplace – you can employ cleaning professionals on your own or hire cleaning professionals from a Singapore-based commercial cleaning service like City Cleaning.

Enterprise Standards

The high standards and internal controls that we have in place, together with the employees and frequent inspections, give our customers peace of mind knowing that the first time cleaning specifications are being done right. Having a large team environment helps our company not only to be profitable and inexpensive but also to give our company the winning edge for many businesses in Singapore that need cleaning contractors. By providing our customers with the versatility they need during the day when cleaning requirements outside business hours are required. The individually tailored cleaning kits make cleaning simple for both office and commercial cleaning. For any cleaning tips or cleaning needs, contact our team today.

Our industrial cleaners are consistently meeting the highest standards of cleanliness through programs designed specifically for your needs. Whether you need our professional services on a regular basis or as a one-time service, our deal is guaranteed to be the best in Singapore. You can rest assured that you will obtain the only highest standard of cleanliness and integrity by allowing us to take care of your commercial cleaning requirements.

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