One-Off Home Cleaning

One-Off Home Cleaning

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  • Short-notice services
  • Hourly cleaning available
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Today’s modern day family’s non-stop lifestyle leaves little time to clean the house. So if you want to have a social gathering or have impromptu visitors from abroad, a detailed but rapid house cleanup is important. With both husband and wife working and children in mind, however, this mission may seem impossible to achieve without external assistance.

Our one-off cleaning services can be customised to suit the needs of your household. And give us all those cleaning tasks you’ve never had time for. Our one-off cleaning squad can help, whether it’s scrubbing behind the refrigerator or making your bathroom look spanking new.

The one-time cleaning we provide is hourly based, so depending on the number of hours you want to book, you can fit in as much workload as you need help with. In case you want to use our services on a more regular basis, we also offer regular domestic cleaning.

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When Do You Need One-Off Cleaning Service

Although you may regularly clean your home, certain occasions or events require a thorough and extensive cleaning of your home. A one-time cleaning job will help you get ready for your home:

  • Special occasions such as birthday parties and social gatherings
  • Hosting relatives or friends from abroad
  • When you return from a long vacation or overseas assignment
  • Preparing your home for renting

How to Make the Most of our On-Off Cleaning Service

Once you have opted to arrange for an outside cleaning service, organise yourself and make a list of the tasks to be cleaned. Identify areas that are difficult to reach and areas that need a thorough cleaning. For example, ceiling fans and hanging lights, air-con winds, etc. Have all your detergents and cleaning equipment ready. Make the most of your one-time contract hire by planning and giving the cleaners clear instructions. Be present at regular intervals during the cleaning work and check on the cleaners.

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What Our Service Offers

These are certain times where you would need professional, external help in performing a cleaning exercise, especially if you are short on time and energy. You will build your own cleaning checklist based on your preferences when you book our one-off cleaning service. The service may include the following functions, but it is not limited to:




Rest of Property

All cupboards are cleaned inside and out

Tiles to be scrubbed clean

All floors are vacuumed and mopped

Worktops and surfaces are wiped and disinfected

Toilet bowl, sink, shower and bath are thoroughly cleaned

All surfaces, furniture, skirtings, window sills and shelves are dusted

Electrical appliances and the sink area are thoroughly sanitised

All fittings and fixtures are polished

All cobwebs are to be removed

Cleaning of kitchen countertop and backsplash

Cleaning of shower area, bathtubs, basins and vanities

Carpets and rugs are thoroughly vacuumed

Wiping of tables and chairs

Cleaning of all fixtures and fittings

Mirrors and picture frames are polished

Cleaning and sanitising of stove top

Scrubbing and sanitising toilet

General dusting of all surface areas

Cleaning interior and exterior of the oven

Wiping of mirrors and doors

Cleaning of ceiling fans and hanging lamps

Cleaning exterior of refrigerator

Washing and scrubbing of floor and wall tiles

Vacuuming and mopping of all floor areas

Scrubbing of sink and basins

Vacuuming of furniture and under cushions

Sweeping and mopping kitchen floor

Cleaning of windows and grilles

Additional tasks

Tasks such as washing the windows in the interior can be included in the service. It is possible to clean hard-to-reach spots and areas on request. Please note that small items can be moved around by the cleaners but will not try to move heavy furniture.

Extra rooms

Extra spaces such as the study, laundry rooms, game rooms and storage rooms can also be cleaned. Simply allow enough time to complete the tasks by reserving an appropriate number of hours for your session.

bathroom floor scrubbing
kitchen top wiping
toilet bowl cleaning

Specialty Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning scope does not stop at routine house cleaning or general maintenance such as rubbish bins emptying. At City Cleaning, we know this and also provide funding for advanced one-time cleaning work. Some of these require special expertise while some require equipment and machinery not normally used for general cleaning purposes. We follow the criteria for one-off cleaning such as:

Carpet Shampooing

We use specialised rotary/cylindrical machines are needed to remove the dirt trapped from wear & tear months. The replacement of stubborn stains with appropriate chemicals and solutions is also carried out.

Upholstery Cleaning

Needs corners, sides, lines, etc. to be reached and warrants equipment for this very specific purpose. We also use chemical sanitisation to suck out (if any) dust and mites.


This is commonly carried out in children’s care centres, hospitals and small children’s homes. It is achieved with eco-friendly chemicals and liquids.

Deep Cleaning for Move-In/Move Out

General cleaning duties which often involves a long and thorough scrub process including mopping, vacuuming, washing of doors and fans, stains in the toilet and removal of grease.

Events Cleaning

Venues and activity rooms that must be set back before the event to their previous state. A few people may need to be posted there, collect and dispose of trash, clean up space for the next case.

Generally, a clean-up drive is required after an event or gathering. So, after your party is over or once your guests are gone, you may want to call for a follow-up cleaning service.

Leave us your time-consuming cleaning tasks and spend your time on important issues. Book with City Cleaning your dates and service needed and we can help you plan the most effective cleaning schedule at an affordable price.

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