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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

  • Avoid cases of food poisoning
  • Improves baseline cleanliness
  • Avoid being shut down for food safety violations

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Cleanliness is a key component of any hospitality business, and keeping your kitchen clean is especially important for hygiene. Anyone in the hospitality will tell you why it is so important to keep your kitchen dry. Some messes in your commercial kitchen will turn into unsatisfied and sick customers as the place where food is cooked. You need to go beyond the evening clean-up to do that and talk about scheduling daily deep cleanups on top of your nightly cleaning.

City Cleaning in Singapore provides commercial kitchen cleaning. Our skilled and masterful cleaning professionals supported companies of all shapes and sizes in hospitality. Whether you want to take nightly clean-up off your hands or need deep cleaning every week, month, or quarter, our team has you covered.

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Regular Kitchen Cleaning Services

The workers in the kitchen are working hard. Every day over hot stoves, they prepare dish after dish, perfecting their timing and presentation. It’s a hard job, and without them, there wouldn’t be your hospitality company.

So it’s just fair to do anything you can to make their jobs easier! City Cleaning takes away the stress at the end of the day by removing the plate from the evening cleaning.

We wash cooking surfaces, wipe away grease and dispose of waste so that the kitchen workers will be able to clock in without the extra cleaning hassle. Our professional kitchen cleaners will leave your kitchen sparkling clean and will come the morning ready for a whole new cooking day.

Good sanitation and strict adherence to cleanliness standards are a must when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning. Not all cleaners are up-to-date on the unique health standards inherent in commercial kitchens–nor do they all have the cleaning products or tools necessary to keep your business kitchen clean and healthy. Our cleaning staff are trained from cooktops and exhaust fans to storerooms to clean every corner of the kitchen.

The cleaners are also spot-checked by our professional supervisors to ensure that your commercial kitchen not only meets your high standards but also those set by the laws on food handling. The outcome? A kitchen you can be proud of and cook in without thinking about bacteria or germs!

Deep Cleaning

You often need a deeper cleaning of your commercial kitchen than scrub off your stoves and kitchen tops. If you want to prevent a bad reputation or forced closure, daily top-to-bottom cleaning is needed!

Deep cleaning in the kitchen focuses on doing a deeper, more detailed cleaning job that is needed in addition to routine cleaning. There are always a few hard-to-reach places that your daily cleaning can never quite reach, whether due to lack of time or insufficient equipment for cleaning.

The value of a clean kitchen is acknowledged to everyone who works in hospitality. We will also realize that these deeper messes can turn into major problems from a food hygiene perspective unless they are regularly cleaned up. That’s why we know you need a deep cleaning professional team. Once you schedule a weekly deep cleaning with a skilled cleaner for your kitchen, you will make sure that your kitchen is always the cleanest it might be.

Our trained and experienced cleaners are going to take care of hard cleaning tasks like:

  • Cleaning the insides of ovens and vents and cooking surfaces
  • Power washing floors, ceilings and hoods
  • Scrubbing down hard-to-reach areas
  • Ovens (inside and out)
  • Stoves and cooktops
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Bins
  • Ventilation systems

We understand that running a kitchen can result in many important tasks filling your schedule.

That’s why our team is working with you to build a plan that suits your business ‘ busy schedule. We leave your kitchen as if it were brand new using strong materials and tactical techniques. Our team has nearly 20 years of experience, so we fully understand the risks to keep your premises and customers safe. City Cleaning can be trusted to get the job done properly every time.

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Keeping Your Kitchen Hygienic

Cleaning is the main activity focused on by all restaurants and F&B outlets worldwide, including Singapore. Unclean, unhygienic restaurants and food lounges not only put off the customers but also pose health risks. The second thing that is critical for restaurants in Singapore to maintain after the quality of food is hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen.

Sanitation and sanitation are not limited to tables washing or restaurant floors cleaning. The cleanliness of utensils used to cook and serve the food as well as other cutlery is also taken into consideration. Restaurants, therefore, need to keep the kitchen as tidy as possible.

Recommended Frequency of Cleaning

  • Surface and utensils: after each use
  • Ovens: Weekly
  • Sinks: between uses, and at various points throughout the day with frequent use
  • Fridges and Freezers: Monthly
  • Bins: Weekly
  • Ventilation systems: Every 3 months to 1 year (depending on use)

As these are only guidelines, there may be times when appliances or areas need to be cleaned more often than the recommended frequency.


Although it may not seem apparent to the naked eye, a kitchen sink may quickly become a germ hotbed as it is constantly exposed to dust and kitchen waste, so regular cleaning helps it massively.


Dishwashers must hit a temperature of 82.2 degrees Celsius to provide comprehensive sanitation. In the dishwasher, always separate equipment unless you can provide enough water. When sticking them in the dishwasher, it’s also a good idea to pre-wash plates, cutlery, and related devices. It helps remove the harder,’ baked-on’ stains before the dishwasher gets a daily rinse. The other problem with the remaining food on dishes is that this can block your filter and have a strong impact on the performance of your dishwasher, often resulting in’ cloudy’ results on your tableware. If after the filter has been cleaned, your tableware still comes out of the dishwasher with visible marks and stains, the dishwasher itself may need to be cleaned.

Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces are common places for live bacteria and germs. Cracks can collect crumbs of food and excess water on any layer, creating a perfect habitat for bacteria to live on. User cracks may also accumulate food debris and excess moisture in the same way, so making sure they are fully dried out before use is important. Use a deep cleaning spray to clean your surfaces and allow the surface to dry naturally in the air for a streak-free finish. You shouldn’t have to dry every hard surface, but consider using less of the material next time around if you still experience streaking.


Oven cleaning with the aid of powerful commercial cleaning supplies and some useful cleaning tips should not require unnecessary physical effort. When your oven begins smoking, it is a sign that a good cleaning is needed. Always use an appropriate cleaning solution and follow the procedures of the company. It is also important for this task to use gloves to protect your skin from cleaning chemicals and to follow any safety precautions as set by your company and the manufacturer of the oven.

Exhaust Hood

Certain factors, such as the exhaust hood in restaurant kitchens, can often influence the hygiene of any restaurant in Singapore. The kitchen exhaust hood is the ceiling over the stove which lets the fumes and smoke exhale from the kitchen out in the open, to prevent those in the kitchen from suffocating. If the hood is not serviced every month, the elements, such as the gases, current chemicals, chemicals, and bacteria that may have come from outside, may begin to grow inside. When the hood’s mouth is blocked, there is hardly any space for the gases to escape–this can also allow chemicals and grease to accumulate. The grease would immediately increase the impact if there is a small kitchen fire, particularly if the fire reaches the hood.

NEA Standards

Opening a new restaurant or food court in Singapore requires the owner to abide by the guidelines of the National Environment Agency (NEA) in respect to the sanitation and food quality. One simply cannot take chances when it comes to the hygiene of eating places. Rules prescribed by NEA need to be followed by F & B outlets; non-compliance can result in a ban or closure of the business.

The opening of a new restaurant or food court in Singapore requires the owner to comply with the National Environment Agency (NEA) guidelines regarding sanitation and quality of food. One can’t just take chances when it comes to food hygiene. F&B outlets must follow the rules imposed by NEA; failure to comply can result in a ban or closure of the company.

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Custom cleaning solutions

As part of our commercial kitchen cleaning services, we are also all about providing custom cleaning solutions. We are ready to provide custom-tailored services that fit your kitchen’s needs, including cleaning schedules that fit your business traffic, based on your customised cleaning checklists.

We accept that there are no two similar commercial kitchens. You will open your restaurant until late at night, giving your workers little time to clean up.

Instead, you can operate a hotel kitchen that ends operation early in the evening, giving the kitchen workers plenty of time to clean up thoroughly. In these cases, for the stubborn messes, you may only need a seasonal deep cleansing.

Other Kitchen Services We Provide

  • Dish Washing and Utensil Cleaning Our cleaners provide superior cleaning of utensils and washing of dishes. Our professionals will take care of all your cleaning services, from used plates and other cutlery to utensils used to cook food and serve.
  • Cleaning of Kitchen Equipment We not only concentrate on providing dish and utensil cleaning but also make sure to clean and sanitise your kitchen equipment such as gas burner stoves, grillers, deep fryers, ovens, soup kettles and other cooking equipment.
  • Washing and Mopping of the Premises You don’t have to think about cleaning and mopping your restaurant premises with our professional services. Including cleaning wall tiles to sinks, glass and tabletops, food storage spaces, air-con vents, fans and tubes, we ensure that they follow NEA standards.
  • General Housekeeping and Cleaning Our services also include general housekeeping and cleaning services, including throwing off the garbage, sweeping up the trash, managing rodents, maintaining seating arrangements and ensuring the restaurant’s dining area is spacious and dry.
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