Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

  • Exterior surfaces sparkle
  • Green and safe methods
  • Removes mould effectively
  • High-end specialised equipment

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Why washing your deck, tennis court or garden patio wasting time and resources when you can leave this task to City Cleaning professionals?

Our company offers state-of-the-art pressure cleaning services that are suitable for most outdoor surface types. The system we use is environmentally friendly and effective, as the process involves only the use of water and high pressure. The result is shiny outdoor hard floors and enhanced look of your garden furniture. We can make any other washable external surfaces that come to mind perfectly clean and contamination-free.

The procedure improves the appearance of the outside of your home and extends your life. In terms of stains and bruises, the pressure cleaning procedure is also effective, as when the equipment is handled correctly by qualified personnel, none is left on the treated surface.

If you’re looking for Singapore’s high pressure jet cleaning services, look no further than our experienced team providing safe and environmentally friendly quality cleaning services. Our well-maintained heavy duty steam and cold water machines are the perfect choices to remove graffiti, oil, grease and paint.

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Our Pressure Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of services from driveway to roof washing, and exterior cleaning of the entire house. We are proud to be the most experienced company in the field to clean your property.

Pressure cleaning is more critical than spraying water. Jet pressure cleaning uses job-specific cleaning solutions tailored for the object being cleaned, and very hot water where gum, grease and oil are needed to be removed.

Removal of Stubborn Stains

Our pressure cleaning team specialises in removing stains & discolouration, cobwebs, dirt & dust, soot and smoke from fire damage, mould and mildew from sweat, grime, grease, bacteria, rodent, fungus, rust, tar, salt, paint and graffiti. You would be pleasantly surprised what a facelift can do to your building.

Pressure Cleaning on Different Surfaces

We wash outwardly or internally all forms of surfaces. Our high-pressure washing systems, including weatherboards, bricks and pavers, terracotta, render, colorbond, cladding, concrete, slate, sandstone and more, will clean façades, fascia, eaves & roofs. Do you need a facelift for your steps, fences, wells of stairs, passages, billboards, ceilings, driveways or shade structures? We’re going to make them look good as new!

Does mould, mildew, grime, water staining, smoke damage or unknown stains affect your building or house? As they begin to look tired, rusty or dirty, most businesses and homeowners repaint their houses. In many cases, a short visit from our specialists for high pressure cleaning will make your building look fresh and new–no painting required. Contact us today for an obligation free quote!

Our Expertise in Pressure Cleaning

  • Specialised equipment for any circumstance We bring tailor-made solutions for high pressure cleaning to any task. This means our services are significantly more efficient and effective than elsewhere, especially when it comes to cleaning gum, moss, porous surfaces, painted areas, oil spills, hard to reach places and more.
  • Responsible chemical use Our water-only technology for pressure cleaning works well beyond industry standards. As such, with water alone, we can clean things that would usually require many chemical compounds. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to park and garden services, historic buildings and areas that see heavy pedestrian traffic. When we need to use chemicals, we use materials that are biodegradable and organic. Without compromising efficiency, we provide some of Singapore’s most environmentally friendly pressure cleaning.
  • Ultra-quiet high pressure cleaners Our equipment has been modified to be quieter than the standard models used elsewhere. This allows us to work in crowded areas or shops without disturbing businesses. We also make sure that all related devices are fully self-contained and do not need water supplies. Not only does this help us to clean places other businesses are unable to clean, it also provides great time and cost savings which we pass on to you. As such, we can deliver exceptional service and lower prices at the same time.
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Benefits of Pressure Cleaning

Enhancing you outdoor areas

Upgrade your outdoor area by cleaning high pressure A perfect way to keep your property in good condition is to periodically wash it. Externals, driveways, and wooden decks are included. Commercial enterprises require pressure washing facilities just as much as home owners need to clean their office building’s exterior, parking lot, sidewalks, and even the entrance awnings. These are just a few of the many cases where there is a need for power washing.

Our high-pressure patio, path and driveway cleaning service will thoroughly clean and repair all stone & concrete paving styles without the need for harsh chemicals or detergents, leaving your tired driveway or patio looking as good as new.

Our high-pressure cleaning staff are all fully trained in the use of high-power washers and can comfortably cope with most jobs to carry your rundown unsightly road or patio back to its former glory. After your path or driveway is swept, a protective sealant can also be added to the cleaned surface to repel dirt and oil for up to 3 years.

Our high pressure cleaning service typically cleans the following areas:

  • Decking
  • Patios
  • Swimming pools
  • Driveways
  • Block paving
  • Building facades
  • External walls
  • Wooden fences

Getting A Facelift For Your Home

Don’t just call any high-pressure cleaner to wash your home or business outside–call our specialist team and our expertise will benefit your property. The use of an inexperienced pressure cleaner can adversely affect your investment, causing expensive damage to the surface or water to be fixed.

Only some of the problems that an inexperienced cleaner can cause are the missing rendering and mortar, swirl marks on walls and concrete and water damage to surrounding areas. Curb appeal and first impressions for customers and home buyers are critical, our professional pressure cleaning service will increase your property’s value for years to come.

We offer pressure cleaning services for all residential, commercial and industrial buildings across the island (also sometimes referred to as power washing or power cleaning services).

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