Post Renovation Cleaning

Post Renovation Cleaning

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Did your contractors leave building materials like sand, soil and dust behind? Hire our cleaning professionals and in no time get your home safe and free from allergens. Our qualified post-renovation cleaners come with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and will be available as early as tomorrow. To get your job done on time, we bring all the necessary cleaning products and equipment.

The service is not bound by contracts and can be as personalised as you want it to be. The cost of the cleaning service is based on the existing condition and area of your property.

Sure, general cleaning of your home after the revamp may have been included by your contractor. But no matter how well cleaned up the construction workers; dirt, dried concrete, watermarks, etc. are not easily removed. Excess dust is harmful to your health and well-being, especially for people who are allergic to dust. Whether you’ve done a complete or partial house renovation, the dirt, mess, and debris are the same. A thorough clean-up is, therefore, an absolute necessity.

After renovation work as you get busy organising and settling in your newly groomed residence, let our City Cleaning team help you get your space into a living condition quickly so that you can enjoy your new home as intended.

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Post Renovation Cleaning Process

You’ve just completed the renovation of your vision, and you’re ready to move your furniture and decor back to your place. The only thing that needs to be addressed now is the mess.

Refurbishing your premises after refurbishment is not the same as your regular cleaning session. Here we need a top-down approach, starting from the ceiling and then concentrating on all the objects along the way down to the floor.

Don’t ruin your newly refurbished house by trying to clean up after you. Most people make the mistake of trying to clean up on their own the dirt of the contractor and other dirty bits and pieces. Unfortunately, using the wrong equipment can lead to scratches and stubborn marks that’ll only end up ruining your new creation.

Don’t leave a messy finish to your polished, new renovation – get expert cleaners for the perfect finish touch.

Scope of cleaning

All Rooms




Clean windows and grilles, interior only

Clean kitchen wall tiles and backsplash

Clean bathroom wall tiles

Disposal of debris and trash

Vacuum and mop all floor areas

Clean exterior and interior of cabinets (if empty)

Clean and disinfect floor, basin, toilet bowl & fixtures and fittings

Other necessary chores

Dust all surfaces and clean glass surfaces including mirrors

Clean kitchen area including stove & hob, sink, countertops & fittings

Clean glass surfaces including mirrors, doors, shower screens

Sweep balcony (if any)

Wash and disinfect kitchen sink and basin

Clean exterior of installed wardrobes and closets

Clean fans and exterior of light fittings

We also clear minor debris and take care of all the hard-to-reach corners including refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and under beds and cupboards to ensure proper cleanliness and improve the quality of your indoor air. We hire highly qualified cleaners to take care of all your cleaning needs after the renovation. We come highly recommended and take great pride in our work.

Things to take note for house renovation cleaning:

  • It is necessary to ensure that all the renovation works and the work of other contractors (e.g.: air-conditioning service, curtain / blind fixing and plumbing) are finished before we come and clean thoroughly for the second time. Even after thorough cleaning, the house will be dusty / dirty again if the renovation work continues. Kindly plan and book your house cleaning appointment date after the renovation works are totally completed.
  • It is important to make sure the PUB (water & electricity) supply is activated, so that our cleaners are able to clean your property effectively.
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When To Have A Post Renovation Service

You want to move into a fresh, clean home after your renovation.   So, right after the renovation and before your furniture or new appliances arrive, it is best to have a post renovation clean-up. Bulky objects will obstruct a good scrub down’s effectiveness.

And note, call us immediately after all the construction staff have left so we can come in and build our magic. We’ll have your newly refurbished home looking fresh and feeling perfectly clean in no time.

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